When tradition meets craftsmanship, unique masterpieces are born; elegant, exclusive, with an attractive design and a hint of vanity. This year Spektre Eyewear aims to surprise the public by offering optical and sunglasses models, with a purely masculine allure, classic and extremely comfortable, which fully summarize that concept of sobriety and elegance typical of the Italian style; embellished with gold and steel details for those looking for luxury frames, of excellent workmanship and proudly made in Italy.


Contemporary, enigmatic with a fine elegant shape. Our new collection wants to be a tribute to any form of high interpretation. Art, fashion, design, Italy has always been known for giving birth to great artists and masterpieces; today we want to give voice to all this. Each eyewear finds inspiration in all form of beauty; in a highly recognizable aestheticism that has always fascinated and influenced so many different stylistic currents. Today we want to pay homage to our country, giving you iconic frames, abreast with times, made with the highest quality materials; which find their particular essence in the details that characterize them, but above all proudly made in Italy. Dress your eyes with our timeless eyewear and express your style with us.

Elegance and street style is the perfect mix behind this collection.

Iconic shades that enhance the unconventional side of our personality, chosen by fashionistas as the latest must-have fashion accessory. This collection is for people who dress to kill, who love to combine elegance and design with humor, as well as originality with impeccable taste and quality. Is the continuous contrast of these opposing but complementary attitudes that makes Spektre creations always in line with the Zeitgeist, adapting dynamically to the wind of change and making every frame iconic and timeless.
During these years, indeed the brand have caught the eye of many Stylists, Designers, Buyers, Top Models, Fashion Editors, and Bloggers. Spektre accurately oversees the entire production process, with a special attention to innovation, design, shapes, details, materials and colors. The result is an exclusive product of premium quality with an original style and proudly Made in Italy.


Niccolò Pocchini was born in Milan, Italy. It was 2009 when, after purchasing in Camden – London a vintage pair of sunglasses which had much success amongst his friends , He decided to create his own brand of sunglasses. Starting with a small investment of a few thousand Euros, He designed and presented the first collection. Pocchini didn’t know how his brand would shortly become one of the most requested sunglasses brand in the niche fashion industry. Niccolo’ Pocchini, Founder and CEO of Spektre, is now known to have created an original and iconic style in the eyewear world.