Bold and thick frames blend with vibrant and elegant shades

A visionary tale of color, through its thousand shades; where lively notes of our being are hidden. A real research of a seductive language with which we deal every day; for this collection and after a careful study Spektre colors its brand new collection with elegant, bold and precious shades. Continually aiming to amaze public with brand new detailed designs, and thanks to the use of the highest quality materials, this collection aims to be the celebration of a new, fresh and highly current style; the maximum expression of that eclectic and unconventional style, which today stands out as the antithesis of any classic aesthetic canon. This collection wants to be for who do not like labels, who are not afraid to take themselves too seriously, who love to dare with color, and constantly looking for unique, extremely comfortable designs, entirely handmade but above all proudly made in Italy.