Discloses future, reinterprets fashion rules

Iconic shades that enhance the unconventional side of our personality, chosen by fashionistas as the latest must-have fashion accessory. This collection is for people who dress to kill, who love to combine elegance and design with humor, as well as originality with impeccable taste and quality. Is the continuous contrast of these opposing but complementary attitudes that makes Spektre creations always in line with the Zeitgeist, adapting dynamically to the wind of change and making every frame iconic and timeless. During these years, indeed the brand have caught the eye of many Stylists, Designers, Buyers, Top Models, Fashion Editors, and Bloggers. Spektre accurately oversees the entire production process, with a special attention to innovation, design, shapes, details, materials and colors. The result is an exclusive product of premium quality with an original style and proudly Made in Italy.